Mott Dresser - Tall

$2,300.00 - $3,950.00


When the structure is strong, you can let creativity take over. Tall or wide, the Mott dresser is open for interpretation: A choice of handles and brass or silver hardware add a whimsical, international feel, while our complete range of colors and finishes let you express yourself fully. We don’t expect any two Motts to be alike – amaze us. View the Mott Tall Dresser's vertically challanged sibling, the Mott Short Dresser.

  • Solid lacquer finish comes standard with linen handles; skin handles can be selected as an add-on
  • Lacquer linen finish comes standard with solid lacquer handles
  • Lacquer grasscloth finish comes standard with solid lacquer handles
  • Stain finish comes standard with stain handles
  • Skin finish comes standard with skin handles
  • 23.5"w x 17"d x 48"h
  • Handmade in the U.S.A. in hardwood, maple or walnut.
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