When we say “make it your own,” we mean it.

Our Bespoke experience puts you in charge of the design—from the inspiration to the finishing touches.

As people who lived in homes before Priley Lane was founded, we were used to settling on a table in not-quite-right dimensions or a chair upholstered in a shade of blue about three hues from what we really wanted. All along, this made us wonder why furniture came in the styles, colors and patterns that spoke to mass-market designers rather than us as individuals.

This question nagged at us for so long we finally decided to do something about it. And wouldn’t you know it? A little modern magic (thanks technology!) makes it possible to put the customer back in charge. Now our furniture can fit anywhere and do anything you want it to—even if that means matching the shade of a fresh summer blueberry or mimicking the design of your grandma’s dining room table.

For starters, here are just a few of the ways you can customize a piece: pick any paint color outside of our stock, make it taller, make it shorter, make it lean like the Tower of Pisa if you want (we just don’t advise it), change the hardware, change the finish… and change your mind on what is possible. Just fill out the contact form below and we’ll follow up before the paint has time to dry.


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