For too long, the words “custom furniture” seemed to be how designers justified high prices, impossibly-long wait times and all sorts of fine print. That wasn’t cutting it for us—so we set out to cut it on our own. (Wood and other materials, that is.)

For Delia, it began with a table. A faux turquoise alligator skin-wrapped table, to be specific. She had been making and upcycling furniture for years, but this was the light-bulb moment when she realized reasonably priced and completely unique furniture are not mutually exclusive.

Backed by a team of craftsmen, Delia and co-founder Amelia launched Priley Lane in 2014 to make you the designer—meaning you get to pick the colors, finishes, sizes and whatever else your heart desires. Even faux turquoise alligator skin.

How it works



Our ever-expanding collection of furniture pieces and accessories is completely customizable. In other words, there’s no pressure to reinvent the wheel…or table or chair. Just put your unique touch on each piece with the simple click of a button. If existing options still don’t feel quite right, get in touch and we’ll make your vision happen.


Middlemen are probably great for certain reasons. But because we couldn’t think of any off the tops of our heads, we cut them out and went directly to the craftsmen. This reduces the cost for you and allows us to control quality and turnaround time.


They say good things come to those who wait. We just think it’s better when you don’t have to wait long. Our working lead time is four weeks, meaning it only takes one month to go from clicking “order” to answering the door as our white-glove delivery team places your dream piece of furniture in its new home.


Do you remember the feeling of bringing a piece of artwork home from school and your mom displaying it proudly on the fridge? Our belief is designing your own piece of furniture is like that times 100. Because you are unique and amazing—and your home is, too. (Your mom really isn’t the only one who thinks so.)