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Priley Lane - About Us

Every pearl starts out as an irritating grain of sand.

We were irritated; we’re not afraid to admit it. Largely because we didn’t think we were asking a lot: stylish, interesting furniture that didn’t fall apart when you put a stack of books on it, didn’t require tiny tools and confusing directions, and didn’t deny your first born a college education. Why is this so hard, we asked ourselves? Did we miss a memo? So Delia (the one with the design degree), started making her own pieces - exactly as she wanted them -and Amelia (business maven by day, design obsessive by night), realized that – as in nature – irritation had produced a pearl. The pearl became Priley Lane. Simple, stylish furniture shapes in bold colors and textures. The ability to custom-cover a table or bookcase as easily as you custom-cover a wall with a swath of paint. A range of colors and finishes that allow our customers to go from Hollywood Hills Boho to Palm Beach Preppy in the click of a mouse. We made our dreams from scratch. You can build yours in minutes. Much less irritating, and still less expensive than a string of pearls. 

Our furniture is handmade in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Each piece is custom made with love in the United States.



All prices are in USD